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Adobe was started by Sanjeev Gupta and Meera Gupta in 2002 – as an offshoot of their existing vendor manufacturing business. Having spent decades in this industry – they launched the brand with the vision to provide quality clothing at affordable prices. 

20 years later – having gone through the highest highs and the lowest lows – the promise remains central to Adobe’s work. Currently, Adobe provides over 1 lakh garments a year to happy customers nationwide. The average price of our products is just under Rs. 600 and we have a retention rate of over 85% in Myntra (people who buy – come back and buy again). 

The Company [Kuvam Fashions Private Limited]

In 1932, a company called ‘Jethu Mal Pyare Lal’ was formed by a young entrepreneur – Pyare Lal Bansal. Pyare Lal started by selling JK Cotton and JK Jute of the JK Group. In 1944, pleased with their collaboration with Pyare Lal, the JK Group rewarded him by appointing him as one of 12 agents of their newly acquired company – Raymond. 

In the last 78 years, various members of the family have continued to work with and grow Raymond’s presence in Northern India (Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Jammu, Chandigarh) by entering almost every process activity in the supply chain – from yarn manufacturing to final sale. As the brand grew, Pyare Lal Bansal and Company also grew. From managing Raymond’s small-scale sales operations to now servicing over 600 dealers with suiting, shirting, readymade, and light engineering products. 

In 1985, Sanjeev Gupta, the eldest grandson of Pyare Lal Bansal, started a new relationship with Raymond by manufacturing garments for the brand as well as for the export market. After manufacturing over 5 million garments over 17 years, he realized that there was an opportunity in ‘affordable fashion’ that he could exploit. And so, in 2002, he launched his own company called ‘Kuvam Fashions’. 

‘Kuvam’ is a Hindi word used to describe the ‘Rising Sun. And so, in 2002, what started with a very small order of 2500 T-shirts has risen to become a multi-million dollar company with currently 16 fashion retail stores in 12 cities, a casual wear brand – ‘Adobe’ and a formal-wear brand ‘Savvoy’ – catering to over 1L customers per year. 

You can contact us at:

Address – 353, Industrial Area ‘A’, R.K. Road, Ludhiana – 141001

Phone Number: +91-6283838498

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